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   Wan Xin Jewelry Wuhan Co. Ltd. for wave fire equipment Group Co. was founded in November 2013 05, is located in Wuchang District of Hubei province Wuhan Wuluo Road No. 586 Rueijing cent central living area two (West) 1 -1-1 layer 2, the registered capital of 8 million yuan, is a professional engaged in gold and silver jewelry, jade jewelry, crafts jewelry company. 

  Wan Xin Jewelry Company has been adhering to the "quality service, people-oriented" development philosophy, adhere to an industry based, diversified business strategy development, broad and profound heritage of Chinese jewelry stone bright civilization, to the international business philosophy as the basis, to the forefront of global vision, the future development trend of jewelry business, focus on creating a more professional service, more reliable quality, professional organization management more standardized. 

  All of the company based on the market, service in the market, to promote the China Everbright gold jade, to build a harmonious and beautiful mission, and will present the service concept into the whole process of enterprise management, to provide excellent products to the market, provide considerate service to customers! So as to win business opportunities, share success and happiness. 

  Kim glory, enjoy the luxury. We firmly believe that the future, WAN Xin jewelry will usher in a more brilliant in the unremitting struggle! 


Wanfu jewelry Wuhan Co., Ltd.

Address:Wuchang District No. 586 Wu Lulu Rueijing cent central living area two (West) 1 Building No. 2 layer -1-1

Contacts:Zhang huan


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